Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

To maintain our site’s operation, which includes web hosting, writers’ compensation, tool testing, and overall development, AI Tool Stack relies on income generated through affiliate commissions. We want to assure our readers that our commitment is to provide impartial and authentic content, and as such, we do not accept payment for product placements or advertorials.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a system where other entities promote and provide access to your products in return for a share of the revenue from sales made through their platform.

For instance, you visit a website that hosts a banner advertising “the best AI tool in the market.” If you click on this banner and make a purchase, the host site will receive a percentage of this sale, usually ranging from 4-20%.

How Do Affiliates Work at AI Tool Stack?

At AI Tool Stack, we won’t disrupt your browsing experience with intrusive ads. Instead, we will place appropriate ads and we will place affiliate links within our comprehensive, informative reviews and articles. Each affiliate link will be distinctly marked, and we receive a small commission for any purchase you make based on our recommendation.

Will Affiliate Links Influence Your Content?

To avoid any conflict of interest, we want to be transparent about earning commission from sales. We will always ensure that our disclosure is easily accessible on the site, and we will specify if an article contains affiliate links. Importantly, all content on AI Tool Stack represents our genuine opinion, including all the advantages and disadvantages of a tool. If we have a disappointing experience with a product, we will reflect this in our review and scores.

In addition, we highly value your reviews and feedback on all tools. If you disagree with our ratings, we invite you to share your views and scores. We understand that trust is crucial in developing a strong relationship with our readers, and we aim to recommend only high-quality products.

Do We Receive Free Tools?

In our quest to deliver in-depth and insightful reviews, we often sign up for free trials of a variety of AI tools. This allows us to extensively test and understand each tool’s functionality, advantages, and shortcomings. Rest assured, whether accessed through a free trial or not, every tool is reviewed with the same degree of scrutiny and objectivity. We will never skew a review in response to a company’s request.

Each tool category is tested by an expert in that respective field, ensuring that we provide accurate and detailed analysis for our readers.

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