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Top 10 ChatGPT Plugins of 2023: Unveiling the Ultimate AI Tool Stack

The latest version of OpenAI’s language model system, ChatGPT 4, can be incredibly useful for completing various tasks with the right plugins. However, it’s important to note that even the most mature plugins are still in beta quality. Nonetheless, when used carefully, they can assist in accomplishing real work.

The best ChatGPT plugins go beyond simple cosmetic changes and actually enhance accuracy and functionality by incorporating third-party web services into your search. These plugins add value and can be quite beneficial. It’s worth mentioning that all the plugins listed here are currently free, but that may change in the future as more programs adopt subscription models.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ChatGPT plugins for different use cases:

1. Travel and Hotel Plugins (Expedia and KAYAK):
Both the Expedia and KAYAK plugins are highly effective in delivering useful travel and hotel results. They provide human-like responses to both specific and open-ended questions. For example, if you ask about the best three-star hotel rate in mid-town Manhattan between specific dates, they will provide relevant information. They also excel at suggesting kid-friendly activities in a given location. However, it’s important to carefully review the results, as sometimes they may not match your specific requirements.

2. Ask Your PDF:
PDF files often contain valuable information, but extracting answers from them can be challenging. Ask Your PDF is a plugin that solves this problem. To use it, you need to manually upload the PDF to the AskYourPDF service and obtain a document ID. Then, you can paste the document ID into your ChatGPT query to extract information from the PDF. While it requires some additional steps outside of ChatGPT, the results are excellent, and the plugin provides precise references to the source within the document.

3. Link Reader:
Link Reader is a plugin that enables you to integrate search with other plugins. It allows you to pull up information for specific pages or search for more general topics. For example, you can ask it to compile a list of articles on a particular subject from a specific website. It can also search through various document formats, including PDF, PPT, images, and Word files. Link Reader works well with other plugins, making it a versatile tool for information retrieval.

4. OpenTable:
If you’re looking to make restaurant reservations or create a shopping list, the OpenTable plugin can assist you. It provides recommendations and answers questions about local restaurants. However, it’s worth noting that it may occasionally miss certain establishments. For example, it might overlook an award-winning restaurant in a specific location. Nonetheless, it can still provide a starting point for making reservations or creating a shopping list.

5. Prompt Perfect:
Asking the right question is crucial when using ChatGPT, but it can be challenging. Prompt Perfect is a plugin that helps improve the quality of your queries without requiring expertise in AI prompt engineering. By starting your query with “Perfect” and providing the necessary details, Prompt Perfect will assist in refining your question and obtaining better answers.

These ChatGPT plugins offer valuable functionalities and can enhance your productivity. However, it’s essential to use them with caution and carefully review the results to ensure they meet your specific requirements.

In conclusion, ChatGPT 4, with the right plugins, can be a powerful tool for completing various tasks. While some plugins may require additional steps or have limitations, they still provide significant value. As the landscape evolves, it’s likely that more plugins will adopt subscription models. Therefore, taking advantage of these free plugins while they are available is highly recommended.

Barry Caldwell
Barry Caldwell
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