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Bing Chat Launches Game-Changing Enterprise Solution: Unlocking the Power for Your Business

Microsoft has expanded its AI chatbot offering with the introduction of Bing Chat Enterprise, a secure and workplace-focused chatbot. The move comes as more businesses recognize the potential of AI to enhance productivity across various tasks such as idea generation, writing, coding, and research. However, concerns around data privacy and security have hindered widespread adoption. Generative AI tools often rely on user-inputted data to train their models, raising questions about the privacy of the information provided. Bing Chat Enterprise addresses these concerns by prioritizing commercial data protection and ensuring that user and business data remain securely within the organization. Microsoft emphasizes that chat data is not saved, cannot be viewed by others, and is not used to train the AI model. The preview version of Bing Chat Enterprise is now available at no additional cost for users with specific Microsoft 365 accounts, with plans to introduce a $5 per user fee in the future. Users can access the chatbot using their work accounts on the Bing Chat site and Microsoft Edge sidebar.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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