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Foodpanda Expands Beyond Good Eats: Unveiling Restaurant Management Tools

Foodpanda, the Asian food delivery operator, is aiming to revolutionize the restaurant industry by implementing fully digitalized and AI-powered ordering systems. The company, along with its sister company TabSquare, which was acquired by Berlin-based Delivery Hero 1.5 years ago, believes that this move will encourage diners to spend more. TabSquare offers software tools that enable restaurants to manage orders and process payments, allowing customers to browse digital menus and place orders by scanning a QR code with their mobile phones. The software company operates in 10 markets, including Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia. Foodpanda, on the other hand, has expanded its services to include grocery delivery and dine-in voucher redemption and operates in 11 markets across Asia. The collaboration between Foodpanda and TabSquare aims to digitize restaurant operations, including ordering, payment, and customer engagement. By doing so, restaurants can increase their revenue by up to 10% and reduce staff costs by half, according to Foodpanda CEO Jakob Angele. The partnership also enables restaurants to leverage data and predictive tools to enhance customer engagement and service. These AI-powered applications analyze customers’ purchase history to personalize their subsequent visits and experiences based on their food preferences. Restaurants can also identify trends related to price sensitivity and volume, allowing them to offer tailored promotions to retain or attract diners. The use of data by Delivery Hero adheres to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). TabSquare’s co-founder Anshul Gupta highlighted the potential of generative AI in helping restaurants create images for marketing campaigns and gather and manage customer feedback. However, caution is needed to address risks such as hallucinations. Initially, Foodpanda and TabSquare will focus their efforts on digitizing restaurant operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

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