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OpenAI Pledges $5 Million to Boost Local News: Unveiling the Unexpected Twist

OpenAI, the company behind generative AI models like ChatGPT, is partnering with the American Journalism Project (AJP) to explore how AI can support the local news sector and combat disinformation. The $5 million partnership aims to boost the expansion of AJP’s work and involve local news organizations in shaping the implications of AI. AJP plans to create a technology and AI studio to evaluate AI applications within local news and act as an intermediary between external vendors like OpenAI and AJP’s portfolio. Additionally, OpenAI is providing $5 million in API credits to help AJP and its portfolio organizations access and utilize AI technologies.

This partnership is notable because ChatGPT, despite being trained on the entirety of the internet, including news content, has not had a symbiotic relationship with the news sector. OpenAI did not seek permission from publications to use their content for AI training, and publications and authors are not credited when their work is cited by the chatbot. To address this, OpenAI could support local news by linking to and crediting organizations for their research, potentially driving more traffic and revenue to news publications.

By leveraging AI, local news organizations can enhance their productivity and optimize business practices. The AJP partnership with OpenAI provides an opportunity to explore the potential of AI in journalism and ensure that it benefits both the industry and the communities it serves. With the funds provided, AJP will experiment with AI, evaluate its applications in local news, and make pilot investments in its portfolio organizations. This collaboration has the potential to revolutionize the local news sector and combat the challenges of disinformation.

In conclusion, OpenAI’s partnership with the American Journalism Project represents a significant step towards harnessing the power of AI to support local news organizations. By exploring AI applications, evaluating its potential, and crediting the work of news publications, this collaboration has the potential to enhance journalism and create a mutually beneficial relationship between AI and the news sector.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons is a well renowned journalist and seasoned reviewer, boasting an illustrious career spanning two decades in the global publishing realm. His expertise is widely sought after, making him a respected figure in the publishing industry. As the visionary founder of Top Rated, he has set a benchmark for authenticity and credibility in information dissemination. Driven by a profound passion for Artificial Intelligence, Thomas's keen insight pierces through the noise of the AI sector. He is dedicated to helping his readers find the most accurate, unbiased, and trusted news and reviews. As your guide in the evolving world of AI, Thomas ensures you're always informed and ahead of the curve.

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