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Reports Suggest Microsoft’s AI-Powered Overhaul for Windows 11 is Imminent

Microsoft is reportedly expanding its AI efforts to Windows 11, with plans to integrate AI functionality into several of its apps. According to sources from Windows Central, Microsoft is working on bringing AI capabilities to apps such as Photos, Snipping Tool, and Paint.

In the Photos app, Microsoft is said to be developing an AI feature that can identify objects in a photo and allow users to copy and paste them elsewhere, similar to the drag-and-drop feature in iOS 16. This would enhance the editing capabilities of the app and provide users with more flexibility in manipulating their images.

The Snipping Tool, a popular tool for capturing screenshots, is expected to receive a revamp with the incorporation of optical character recognition (OCR) technology. This would enable the tool to identify text in screenshots, making it easier for users to copy and paste text from captured images. The same OCR feature is also reportedly being explored for integration into the camera app.

Furthermore, Microsoft is said to be experimenting with AI in the Paint app by incorporating AI art generation capabilities. This would allow users to “create a canvas” based on their specified criteria, expanding the creative possibilities within the app. Microsoft already has experience in this space with its Bing Image Creator, which uses text to generate images similar to the DALL-E model.

These AI enhancements are expected to be announced at Microsoft’s upcoming fall event on September 21. Alongside the announcement of new hardware, such as the Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Pro 9, Microsoft is likely to showcase its latest AI projects, including the integration of AI into Windows 11 apps.

Microsoft’s focus on AI is not surprising, as the company has been making significant moves in the AI field over the past year. It has partnered with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, and released its own AI chatbot, Bing Chat. By expanding its AI efforts to Windows 11 apps, Microsoft aims to provide users with more advanced and intuitive features that enhance their productivity and creativity.

In conclusion, Microsoft is working on integrating AI functionality into various Windows 11 apps, including Photos, Snipping Tool, and Paint. These enhancements, such as object identification, OCR, and AI art generation, will offer users new ways to interact with and manipulate content. With its fall event approaching, Microsoft is expected to unveil these AI projects alongside new hardware announcements.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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