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Unlocking the Power of Claude AI: 4 Exclusive Features Setting it Apart from ChatGPT

Users of Claude, an AI tool developed by Anthropic, have the ability to not only add documents but also drop links into the chat and have it summarize the contents. However, it should be noted that when links are input into the chat, there is a possibility of Claude hallucinating content, which I found to be true about a third of the time.

An example provided by Anthropic demonstrates how Claude “summarized” a Wall Street Journal article. When given just the link, Claude’s summary was significantly different from when I provided the text accessed through my subscription. This raises two major issues: the occurrence of hallucinations and the potential for accessing paywalled content.

The article in question discusses controversies surrounding restaurant tipping in Chicago and the consideration of new regulations. However, Claude’s major hallucination was stating that the issue was being debated in New York City instead of Chicago, completely changing the main subject of the article.

One of the concerns that arise from Claude’s ability to access content through links is whether it can bypass paywalls, which could potentially infringe copyright laws. To test this, I provided Claude with paywalled links. The resulting summary was similar to the one generated using the copied text, although it still contained hallucinations.

In conclusion, I would not place my trust in Claude’s summarization capabilities when it comes to links, as the results can be wildly inaccurate. However, the ability to summarize is a significant feature that Anthropic could improve and expand upon, as long as there are restrictions in place to respect paywalled content.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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