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YouTube Embraces AI Principles to Safeguard the Art of Music Creation

YouTube, the Google-owned video-streaming site, has announced its first set of AI music principles aimed at embracing AI responsibly and protecting the music industry. YouTube CEO Neal Mohan stated that AI is already being widely embraced by millions of people for various purposes, including creativity and productivity. He emphasized the need for appropriate protections for artists and highlighted YouTube’s existing tools, such as Content ID, which helps ensure copyright holders are paid for their content. With the emergence of generative AI, new tools will be developed to enable creators to continue making money on the platform and to safeguard against issues like trademark and copyright abuse. YouTube will invest in AI-powered technology to identify and address such challenges. The company’s policies, including the prohibition of manipulated videos promoting false claims, will be applied to AI-generated content. More details on specific technologies, monetization opportunities, and policies will be shared in the coming months. YouTube has also partnered with Universal Music Group to launch the AI Music Incubator program, aiming to raise awareness among artists and steer the direction of generative AI in music. The partnership will establish a working group to explore and provide feedback on AI-related music tools. Universal Music Group Chairman and CEO Lucian Grainge highlighted the need to establish effective tools, incentives, rewards, and rules to limit the potential downsides of AI while promoting its promising upside.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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