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YouTube’s Latest AI Feature Empowers Users to Curate Personalized Watchlists

YouTube is testing a new feature that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create video summaries. The summaries will appear on both search and watch pages, making it easier for users to find information about a video and decide whether or not to watch it. These summaries, which will only be available on a limited number of English language videos, are intended to provide brief overviews of a few lines each. It is important to note that the AI-produced summaries will not replace the descriptions made by video creators. YouTube has not yet provided details on which videos will have these summaries, who will see them, or what they will look like.

This new summary feature is similar to a Chrome extension that was introduced in May. However, the YouTube summary option is generated by the platform’s own AI and appears in search alongside a video, rather than in an additional sidebar. This feature comes after a series of recent changes at YouTube, including the introduction of an AI voice dubbing feature that allows users to hear videos in their native language. YouTube’s parent company, Google, has also announced several AI initiatives in recent weeks. Additionally, YouTube recently increased the price of its Premium service, which received backlash from subscribers. Earlier this year, YouTube also introduced non-AI-related features such as improved video quality, more control over the video queue, and smart downloads for offline viewing.

One of the main challenges for the summary feature will be ensuring accuracy. AI can be incredibly useful but also prone to errors, as demonstrated by OpenAI’s recent decision to limit access to its program. If the summary feature becomes permanent, it will be interesting to see how video creators react. Changes in how YouTube displays or recommends videos often prompt creators to decipher the algorithm, and optimizing the AI-generated descriptions will likely be a top priority for many.

In conclusion, YouTube is testing a new AI-powered summary feature that aims to help users find and decide on videos to watch. These video summaries will be available on a limited number of English language videos and will provide brief overviews. It remains to be seen how accurate and well-received this feature will be, as AI can sometimes be prone to errors. Nonetheless, it is another example of YouTube’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and introduce new features to its platform.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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