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Microsoft Unveils Mind-Blowing AI Backpack Patent Straight from the Future of Sci-Fi

Microsoft Explores AI-Infused Backpacks for Enhanced Functionality

In a bid to revolutionize the functionality of backpacks, Microsoft has filed a patent for the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The patent, filed on May 2, 2023, and published on August 24, 2023, outlines the concept of an AI backpack that goes beyond the capabilities of a standard smartwatch.

The proposed AI backpack would be equipped with advanced features, including the ability to scan the surrounding environment, understand voice commands, and perform contextual tasks. To enable these functions, the backpack would incorporate various sensors such as pressure sensors, a microphone, a camera, GPS, a compass, a barometer, biometric sensors, a speaker, a visual display, and a processor.

According to the patent, the backpack would be capable of receiving contextual voice commands from the user. These commands could include implicit references to objects in the environment. By utilizing the sensors and an AI engine, the backpack would identify the object and employ a digital assistant to carry out a contextual task related to that object. The backpack would then provide a response to the user.

An example provided in the patent depicts a skier wearing the AI backpack and asking a question about the slopes. The backpack responds by informing the skier that a particular direction is out of bounds and advises them to ski to the right to stay within the boundaries.

Although the concept of an AI backpack is intriguing, it is important to note that this invention is still in the early stages. Filing a patent is just the first step, and there is a long journey ahead before the product could potentially be produced. Microsoft has previously filed patents for various products that never materialized, including a trifold phone and headphones with a fingerprint sensor.

While the AI backpack will not be unveiled at Microsoft’s upcoming September launch event, Yusuf Mehdi, corporate VP & consumer chief marketing officer at Microsoft, has confirmed that the company will be sharing more about its AI innovations.

Artificial intelligence continues to permeate various aspects of our lives, and the integration of AI technology into everyday items like backpacks could bring about new possibilities and convenience for users. However, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft’s AI backpack will become a reality or simply remain an intriguing concept on paper.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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