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Microsoft’s New AI Features: A Hands-On Review Reveals the Top 5 Most Useful Tools

Microsoft Unveils New AI Products at Annual Fall Event

At Microsoft’s annual fall event, the company introduced several major AI products that have the potential to revolutionize various tasks and workflows. With the constant influx of new AI productivity assistants, it’s important to determine which ones are truly helpful and worth using. After attending the event and testing out the new offerings, I have identified five Microsoft AI features that can effectively solve real-world problems.

Bing Chat Personalized Answers

Bing Chat Personalized Answers is reminiscent of OpenAI’s ChatGPT Custom Instructions feature, but with added intelligence. This feature allows Bing Chat to refer back to previous conversations and provide new answers based on the content discussed. For example, if you mentioned in a previous conversation that you have a shellfish allergy and later ask for recipe ideas, Bing Chat will filter out recipes containing shellfish. This saves you from having to repeat the same guidelines. It’s especially convenient when discussing topics like vacation planning or creating content for a specific audience. While ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions can achieve similar results, Bing Chat’s Personalized Answers feature automatically applies the instructions to all prompts, eliminating the need for manual input.

DALLE-3 Supported Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator now supports DALLE-3, OpenAI’s advanced image-generating model. This upgrade improves Bing’s ability to understand prompts and generate more accurate and detailed images. The integration with Microsoft Designer allows users to open high-quality renditions directly from Bing Chat with the “Start a Design” option. This is particularly useful for projects such as flyers, social media posts, and banners. Additionally, the images generated by Bing Image Creator will display content credentials, indicating that they were “Generated with AI.” This helps address concerns about the spread of misinformation through AI-generated images.

Microsoft Shopping Assistant

The new Microsoft Shopping Assistant is a powerful tool that guides users to the exact product they are looking for by asking specific questions. For example, if you’re searching for fall boots, the assistant will inquire about the type and color of boots, providing updated results until you find the desired product. It can also create charts comparing product specifications and prices to assist in decision-making. The Microsoft Shopping Experience is accessible through any browser, but additional features like price trends and coupons are exclusive to the Edge browser. This assistant is particularly useful for those who struggle to find products that meet their specific criteria through traditional search engines.

The New Paint

The Paint tool has received a much-needed AI facelift, transforming it from an overlooked Windows application to a valuable resource. The updated Paint now includes a background removal tool that can isolate subjects within seconds, allowing for easy layering onto other images or projects. The standout feature is the Cocreator, which incorporates generative AI into the Paint experience. Users can provide a description, and within seconds, the tool will generate an image that can be incorporated into their Paint projects. This feature enhances creativity and streamlines the design process.

Copilot in Word

Copilot in Word is an incredibly capable feature that brings up concerns regarding plagiarism and distinguishing between human and AI-generated work. While its capabilities are impressive, there are potential challenges in managing the ethical implications of its use.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s new AI offerings showcased at the fall event have the potential to greatly enhance productivity and problem-solving in various domains. From Bing Chat’s Personalized Answers to the improved Bing Image Creator, the Microsoft Shopping Assistant, the revamped Paint tool, and Copilot in Word, these features offer innovative solutions to real-world challenges. However, it is crucial to navigate the ethical considerations and potential pitfalls associated with AI-powered tools.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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