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OpenAI Launches Red Teaming Network for AI Safety – Apply Today!

OpenAI is taking steps to address the growing need for regulation and safety in the AI industry. The company has announced the launch of its OpenAI Red Teaming Network, which will consist of experts from various backgrounds who will provide insights to help inform risk assessment and mitigation strategies for deploying safer AI models.

The Red Teaming Network will transform OpenAI’s risk assessment process into a more formal and comprehensive approach, involving multiple stages of model and product development. This is a departure from the previous method of one-off engagements and selection processes before major model deployments.

OpenAI is actively looking for experts from diverse fields such as education, economics, law, languages, political science, and psychology to join the team. Prior experience with AI systems or language models is not a requirement. Members will be compensated for their time and will be subject to non-disclosure agreements.

Being part of the red team may involve as little as a five-hour commitment per year, as members will not be involved in every new model or project. Interested individuals can apply through OpenAI’s website.

In addition to their involvement in red teaming campaigns, the experts will have the opportunity to engage with each other on general red teaming practices and findings.

OpenAI sees the Red Teaming Network as a unique opportunity to shape the development of safer AI technologies and policies, and to understand the impact AI can have on various aspects of our lives.

Red teaming is a crucial process for testing the effectiveness and ensuring the safety of new technologies. Other tech giants like Google and Microsoft have also established red teams for their AI models.

With the rapid growth of AI and its increasing impact on society, it is crucial to have mechanisms in place to address potential risks and ensure ethical and responsible AI development. OpenAI’s initiative to establish a Red Teaming Network is a positive step towards achieving this goal.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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