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What to Anticipate at Microsoft’s Surface and AI Event Next Week

Microsoft is gearing up for its special event on September 21 in NYC, where it is expected to unveil new Surface products and AI updates. Last year, the company introduced the Surface Laptop 5, Surface Pro 9, Surface Studio 2+, and two accessories for hybrid meetings. This year, we can anticipate the release of new Surface models, including two-in-one devices, laptops, and accessories, along with AI-powered features and services. Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate VP & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft, has hinted at more AI innovations being shared during the event. Unlike Apple, Microsoft will not be live-streaming the event, but rolling announcements will be made throughout the day and week. ZDNET will be present to report on the event.

One of the expected hardware releases is the Surface Laptop Studio 2, following the success of the first-generation Surface Laptop Studio. The new model is likely to feature more ports, targeting working professionals and content creators. It may come with 13th-gen Intel processors and an NVIDIA RTX 40 Series GPU, with an estimated price of around $1,599. The Surface Laptop Go line, known for its budget-friendly options, may also see a refresh during the event, focusing on improvements to battery life, webcam quality, and display performance. The Surface Go tablets, considered entry-level devices, may receive internal updates, addressing issues such as poor battery life and performance. The Surface Pro, Microsoft’s flagship device, is expected to see a 10th-anniversary model. Rumors suggest that the Surface Pro 10 may come in two size options, including a smaller 11-inch model with slimmer bezels.

In terms of software, Microsoft recently announced its adoption of the same open plugin standard as OpenAI at the Microsoft Build event. This move is significant and will likely lead to improved AI capabilities and integration in Microsoft’s software offerings. The company is expected to showcase these advancements during the September 21 event. Additionally, Microsoft has shifted its focus to creating accessories specifically for the Surface line, discontinuing the production of Microsoft-branded Windows PC accessories. Expect to see new Surface accessories being unveiled at the event.

Overall, Microsoft’s September 21 event promises exciting new hardware releases, AI updates, and software enhancements. Stay tuned for more information and announcements from the event.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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