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AI Pioneer Daphne Koller Envisions Generative AI as a Game-Changer for Cancer Breakthroughs

Generative artificial intelligence, such as OpenAI’s DALL-E and ChatGPT, is set to play a crucial role in advancing oncology research, according to Daphne Koller, CEO of life sciences AI firm Insitro. Speaking at a workshop hosted by Stanford University’s Human-Centered AI institute, Koller explained how her company is using AI to identify potential drug targets for cancer. Insitro’s machine learning technology can analyze images of cancerous tissue and predict genetic changes in patients with high accuracy. Additionally, generative AI is used to create “deep fakes” of tissue images, allowing for a larger sample size to be analyzed. This approach has the potential to uncover novel drug targets for cancer, as demonstrated in the study of triple-negative breast cancer. Koller emphasized the importance of collecting large amounts of data and leveraging AI to understand complex patterns in biology. She also highlighted the merging of data/machine learning/AI and quantitative biology, leading to the emergence of digital biology, which has wide-ranging implications for various fields, including human health, the environment, energy, and agriculture.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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