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Singapore and US Collaborate on AI Governance, Establish Joint Group

Singapore and the US have collaborated to align their artificial intelligence (AI) frameworks in order to facilitate compliance and promote safe and responsible AI innovation. The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the US have completed a joint mapping exercise between their respective AI frameworks, AI Verify and AI RMF. This alignment aims to harmonize international AI governance frameworks and reduce the burden of meeting multiple requirements.

AI Verify is a testing framework and toolkit developed by Singapore to help organizations demonstrate their responsible deployment of AI through standardized tests. AI RMF, on the other hand, is a resource provided by NIST to assist companies in mitigating the risks associated with using and deploying AI systems, while ensuring responsible development and adoption of AI.

To provide clarity and reduce compliance costs, a crosswalk has been published, mapping the two AI governance frameworks. The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that this crosswalk will create a more conducive environment for AI deployment and innovation. In addition, the two countries are planning to establish a bilateral AI governance group to advance shared principles and exchange information on safe, trustworthy, and responsible AI innovation. They will also collaborate on the development of international AI security, safety, trust, and standards, while promoting responsible innovation.

The collaboration between Singapore and the US will extend to research initiatives as well. The US National Science Foundation and AI Singapore will focus on AI safety and security, as well as enhancing workforce development initiatives. These bilateral efforts were announced at the inaugural US-Singapore Critical and Emerging Technology Dialog, where discussions covered various key areas such as digital economy, data governance, critical infrastructure, technology supply chains, and quantum technology.

One of the outcomes of the dialog is the plan to develop a bilateral roadmap for digital economic cooperation. This roadmap will establish common principles on issues like data governance, digital standards, and consumer protection. Additionally, the US Department of Treasury and the Monetary Authority of Singapore will explore opportunities to strengthen bilateral cooperation on digital payments.

Furthermore, the Defense Innovation Unit of the US Department of Defense and Singapore’s Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) are looking to formalize a partnership to leverage commercial and dual-use technologies, including AI, to address operational challenges for their militaries. Additionally, there are plans for information exchange on post-quantum cryptography migration between NIST, the US Department of Homeland Security, Singapore’s National Quantum Office, and Ministry of Communications and Information.

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized the importance of building a robust innovation ecosystem and ensuring that emerging technologies work for the shared security and prosperity of both countries. As leaders in the technologies of the future, the US and Singapore will continue their close consultations on measures to achieve these goals.

In conclusion, Singapore and the US have synchronized their AI frameworks to promote compliance and drive safe and responsible AI innovation. Through the alignment of AI Verify and AI RMF, the two countries aim to harmonize international AI governance frameworks and reduce compliance costs. They will also collaborate on research initiatives and establish a bilateral AI governance group. The partnership extends beyond AI and encompasses various areas, including digital economy, data governance, and quantum technology. Both countries are committed to fostering a robust innovation ecosystem and ensuring that emerging technologies contribute to shared security and prosperity.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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