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China and US Join Multilateral Pact to Tackle AI Risks: A Game-Changing Collaboration

28 Nations Collaborate to Manage Risks of Frontier AI

A groundbreaking multilateral agreement has been reached by a group of 28 nations, including China and the US, to identify and manage potential risks associated with “frontier” artificial intelligence (AI). The UK has published the Bletchley Declaration on AI Safety, which emphasizes the urgent need for the safe and responsible development and deployment of AI for the benefit of the global community. Countries across Asia, the EU, and the Middle East, including Singapore, Japan, India, France, Australia, Germany, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, and Nigeria, have endorsed the Declaration.

The Declaration acknowledges the significant risks that can arise from intentional misuse or unintended control issues of frontier AI, particularly in the areas of cybersecurity, biotechnology, and disinformation. It highlights the potential for serious and catastrophic harm from AI models, as well as risks related to bias and privacy. The nations involved recognize that there is still much to learn about the risks and capabilities of frontier AI and have committed to collaborate and develop a shared scientific and evidence-based understanding of these risks.

Frontier AI is described in the Declaration as systems that encompass highly capable general-purpose AI models, including foundation models that can perform a wide range of tasks, as well as specific narrow AI. The Declaration states the resolve to work together in an inclusive manner to ensure human-centric, trustworthy, and responsible AI that is safe and benefits all. It also emphasizes the importance of a pro-innovation and proportionate governance and regulatory approach that maximizes the benefits of AI while considering the associated risks.

The group’s efforts will focus on building risk-based policies across the countries, collaborating where appropriate, and recognizing that nation-level approaches may differ. In addition to increased transparency by private actors developing frontier AI capabilities, the new initiatives include the development of evaluation metrics and safety testing tools, as well as enhancing public-sector capabilities and scientific research.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hailed the agreement as a landmark achievement that underscores the urgency of understanding the risks associated with AI. UK Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan emphasized the need for global collaboration to ensure the safe development of AI and build public trust.

In a separate development, a Singapore-led project called Sandbox was announced this week. The aim of this initiative is to establish a standard set of benchmarks for assessing generative AI products. Sandbox brings together resources from major players in the industry, including Anthropic and Google, and is guided by a draft catalog that categorizes current benchmarks and evaluation methods for large language models. The project seeks to establish a common language and facilitate the safe and trustworthy adoption of generative AI.

The United Nations (UN) has also taken steps to address the governance of AI and mitigate potential risks. Last month, the UN set up an advisory team consisting of 39 members from government agencies, private organizations, and academia. The team includes representatives such as the Singapore government’s chief AI officer, Spain’s secretary of state for digitalisation and AI, and OpenAI’s CTO. The UN is committed to adopting a globally inclusive approach to AI governance.

This multilateral agreement and the initiatives undertaken by various organizations demonstrate the growing recognition of the need for international cooperation in managing the risks associated with frontier AI. As AI continues to advance, it is crucial to ensure its safe and responsible development for the benefit of humanity.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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