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Samsung Gauss: Unveiling the Groundbreaking Generative AI Model

Samsung Unveils New Generative AI Model Named Samsung Gauss

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, has publicly unveiled its own generative AI model called Samsung Gauss. The model is named after renowned mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, who is known for establishing the normal distribution theory, commonly referred to as the bell curve. Samsung explained that the name reflects its vision to leverage AI’s power to improve the lives of consumers by drawing from various phenomena and knowledge worldwide.

During the Samsung AI Forum in Seoul, an annual event hosted by Samsung Research and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology since 2017, the company announced that the Samsung Gauss model, developed by Samsung Research, is currently being used to enhance employee productivity within the company. However, Samsung plans to expand its applications to various products in the future.

Samsung Gauss consists of three components: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image. The Language component is a generative language model designed to improve work efficiency by assisting with tasks like email writing, document summarization, and translation. It can also enhance the consumer experience by enabling smarter device control when integrated into products.

The Code component, along with the coding assistant called code.i, is specifically developed for in-house software development. It provides developers with an interactive interface that facilitates easy and quick coding. It also supports functions such as code description and test case generation.

The Image component allows for the generation and editing of images. It enables style changes, additions, and the conversion of low-resolution images to high-resolution. Samsung aims to provide users with more flexibility and creativity in image editing.

To ensure consumer privacy, these models can be applied on-device, protecting sensitive information. Samsung is also actively working to ensure safe AI usage through its AI Red Team, which focuses on checking security and privacy issues that may arise during data collection, AI model development, service deployment, and the generation of results.

In conclusion, Samsung’s unveiling of the Samsung Gauss generative AI model marks a significant step towards harnessing the power of AI to improve productivity and enhance consumer experiences. With its various components, Samsung Gauss has the potential to revolutionize language processing, coding, and image editing. As Samsung continues to prioritize consumer privacy and safety, the future applications of Samsung Gauss are promising.

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