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Meta Implements Global Ban on AI-Powered Political Ads, Leaving No Room for Exceptions

Meta, the parent company of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, has announced that its generative artificial intelligence (AI) advertising tools will not be available for political campaigns or ads targeting specific services and issues. The new policy, which applies globally, aims to prevent misuse of AI tools in sensitive areas such as politics, elections, housing, employment, credit, social issues, health, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. Meta is prioritizing AI and plans to expand generative AI capabilities across all its platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Threads. The company’s Ads Manager tool, which allows advertisers to create, manage, and track ads, will not support generative AI features for restricted topics. Meta is currently testing its generative AI ads creation tools and working on implementing the necessary safeguards.

The upcoming year will see several nations holding elections, including Indonesia, India, the US, Finland, Pakistan, and Taiwan. Meta’s decision to block generative AI tools for political campaigns comes as a precautionary measure to avoid potential risks associated with AI-generated content. Dan Neary, Meta’s Asia-Pacific vice president, stated that this approach will help Meta understand the risks involved and develop appropriate safeguards for the use of generative AI in regulated industries. The company aims to ensure that advertisers have a responsible and ethical framework when using AI tools for advertising.

Meta’s Ads Manager tool is widely used by advertisers to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. The tool offers various features, including background generation, text variation, and image cropping, to enhance ad creatives. Advertisers can generate multiple versions of text to engage different audiences, thanks to the text variation feature. In addition to the Ads Manager, Meta has introduced an AI chatbot called Meta AI, which includes an AI image generator tool called Emu. These AI-generated images can be used across Meta’s chat platforms, including WhatsApp and Instagram.

According to Neary, more than half of advertisers are already using Meta’s Advantage+ tools to optimize images and text in their ad creatives. These tools have helped advertisers achieve a $10 billion run rate from Advantage+ shopping campaigns. There has also been a significant increase in advertisers using Advantage+ shopping campaigns weekly, compared to six months ago. Neary emphasized the role of AI in improving outcomes for marketers, with tools like the Advantage+ suite automating their tasks. AI plays a crucial role in recommending content on Facebook and Instagram Feeds, with approximately 20% of the content now being recommended by AI.

Meta’s AI tools rely on a variety of data sources for training, including publicly available online information, licensed data, and data from Meta’s own products and services. Neary clarified that the company filters out websites that commonly share personal information from the publicly available datasets. The generative AI models used in Meta’s AI tools were not trained using private posts from users. Additionally, the content of private messages is not used to train AI tools. However, data from users’ use of AI stickers, such as searches for stickers in chats, may be used to improve AI sticker models.

Addressing concerns about AI safety and personal data use, Neary highlighted that Meta has a dedicated cross-disciplinary team responsible for ensuring the responsible design and use of its technology. The company also seeks feedback from external experts and regulators to address these concerns. As generative AI is still in its early stages of development, Meta is actively collaborating with industry stakeholders to ensure responsible and ethical use of AI.

In conclusion, Meta’s decision to block generative AI tools for political campaigns and sensitive topics is a proactive measure to prevent potential misuse. The company is prioritizing AI and plans to expand generative AI capabilities across its platforms. Advertisers can still benefit from AI tools like Advantage+ for optimizing their ad creatives. Meta is committed to ensuring the responsible use of AI and collaborates with industry stakeholders to address concerns about AI safety and personal data use.

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