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Meta Unveils Game-Changing AI Upgrade for $299 Smart Glasses

Meta, the company behind Ray-Ban smart glasses, is launching an early access program for users to test the new multimodal AI features. These features utilize the onboard camera and microphones to process environmental data and provide contextual information. Users can activate the Meta AI prompt by saying, “Hey Meta, take a look at this,” followed by their specific request. The glasses will capture an image of the object and use generative AI to break down its various subjects and elements. This functionality goes beyond simple prompts like identifying buildings or checking the weather. In a demo by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the glasses were able to suggest outfit pairings based on the user’s clothing. Previously, the Meta AI had a knowledge cutoff of December 2022, but now it has access to real-time information thanks to Bing. The early access program will initially be available to a small group of users, allowing Meta to collect feedback and refine the AI features before the official release. Users can join the program by updating their Meta View app and selecting “Join Early Access.” Although the program is not visible on the Android and iOS apps yet, it is expected to be available soon. This update will further enhance the usefulness of the Ray-Ban smart glasses, which have already been praised as one of the most useful tech gadgets of 2023.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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