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Copyleak is an exceptional AI tool that empowers you to effortlessly detect plagiarism in content across various languages. With its advanced AI capabilities, Copyleak can identify even the most subtle differences in text, including concealed characters, paraphrasing, and AI-generated content. This remarkable tool goes above and beyond by providing an API integration that seamlessly merges with native platforms, LMS integration for educational institutions, a convenient Chrome extension, and a comprehensive collaboration report. Rest assured, Copyleak guarantees military-grade security, making it a reliable choice for individuals, educational institutions, businesses, and publishers alike.


  • Advanced AI capabilities
  • API integration
  • LMS integration
  • Chrome extension
  • Comprehensive collaboration report
  • Military-grade security

Use Cases

1. Educators can use Copyleak to detect plagiarism in student assignments and papers.
2. Businesses can use Copyleak to detect copyright infringement in their content.
3. Publishers can use Copyleak to detect plagiarism in articles and other published work.
4. Individuals can use Copyleak to detect plagiarism in their own work.
5. Organizations can use Copyleak to detect plagiarism in research papers.
6. Companies can use Copyleak to detect plagiarism in marketing materials.

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