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EBI.AI is a company that provides AI assistants that are far more advanced than basic chatbots. With an EBI.AI assistant, you can expect to have 85% of your routine enquiries handled from the very first day. Setting up an EBI.AI assistant takes only a few minutes, making it an incredibly efficient solution for businesses looking to streamline their customer service processes. Unlike other AI chatbots, EBI.AI assistants are designed to be highly intuitive and able to understand complex requests. With EBI.AI, you can trust that your customers will receive top-notch service, while your team can focus on more pressing matters.


  • EBI.AI provides advanced AI assistants
  • 85% of routine enquiries handled from day one
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Efficient solution for streamlining customer service
  • Highly intuitive assistants
  • Able to understand complex requests
  • Provides top-notch service to customers
  • Allows team to focus on more pressing matters

Use Cases

  • Customer service: Use EBI.AI to handle routine customer enquiries, freeing up your team to focus on more complex issues.
  • Sales support: Set up an EBI.AI assistant to help customers find the products or services they need, increasing sales and revenue.
  • Appointment booking: Allow customers to schedule appointments with your business through an EBI.AI assistant, reducing the workload on your reception staff.
  • Product recommendations: Use EBI.AI to suggest products or services based on customer preferences and previous purchases, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Technical support: Set up an EBI.AI assistant to troubleshoot common technical issues, reducing the need for costly support staff.
  • Order tracking: Allow customers to track their orders through an EBI.AI assistant, reducing the number of enquiries to your customer service team.

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