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Exactbuy is the ultimate AI-powered business search tool for your sales, marketing, and recruiting needs. With our cutting-edge technology, we provide real-time contact and company data updates to help your teams thrive.Our platform offers a wide range of features to enhance your workflow. From lead and account enrichment to candidate shortlisting, we have you covered. Our API integration ensures seamless connectivity, while our smart search feature enables you to find the perfect prospects and candidates in no time.By leveraging Exactbuy, your teams can reach the best-fit prospects and candidates quickly, allowing you to close deals faster than ever before. Don't just take our word for it - over 1200+ teams have given us rave reviews for our exceptional performance.In addition to our search capabilities, we also offer an enterprise API that grants data-driven teams access to real-time B2B and B2C data. This invaluable resource can be utilized for sales, marketing, and even consumer-facing applications.Experience the power of Exactbuy and revolutionize your business search process. Say goodbye to outdated methods and hello to efficiency, accuracy, and success.


  • Real-time contact and company data updates
  • Lead and account enrichment
  • Candidate shortlisting
  • API integration
  • Smart search feature
  • Reach best-fit prospects and candidates quickly
  • Close deals faster
  • Rave reviews from 1200+ teams
  • Enterprise API
  • Real-time B2B and B2C data
  • Revolutionize your business search process

Use Cases

1. Lead and Account Enrichment: Use Exactbuy to enrich leads and accounts by quickly finding the best-fit prospects and candidates.
2. Candidate Shortlisting: Leverage Exactbuy’s smart search feature to quickly shortlist candidates and get the best results.
3. API Integration: Take advantage of Exactbuy’s API integration to ensure seamless connectivity.
4. Enterprise API: Access real-time B2B and B2C data with Exactbuy’s enterprise API.
5. Sales Optimization: Utilize Exactbuy’s search capabilities to optimize sales and close deals faster.
6. Marketing Automation: Use Exactbuy to automate marketing processes and find the perfect prospects and candidates.

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