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FlowiseAI is a cutting-edge company revolutionizing the way you build customized Language Model (LLM) flows. Our open-source UI visual tool, powered by LangchainJS, simplifies the process and allows you to effortlessly create your own LLM apps.Developed using Node Typescript/Javascript, FlowiseAI offers a seamless experience. You can witness your LLM apps running live, integrate custom components, and explore a wide range of LLM chain examples. From QnA retrieval to language translation and conversational agents with memory, the possibilities are endless.The best part? FlowiseAI is completely free for both commercial and personal usage. We believe in making advanced technology accessible to everyone. Additionally, our tool supports Docker for easy deployment, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.Getting started is a breeze. Simply install FlowiseAI with npm and unlock a world of possibilities. Join the countless individuals and businesses who have already embraced FlowiseAI and experience the power of building customized LLM flows like never before.


  • UI visual tool powered by LangchainJS
  • Developed using Node Typescript/Javascript
  • Live LLM apps running
  • Integrate custom components
  • Explore a wide range of LLM chain examples
  • QnA retrieval
  • Language translation
  • Conversational agents with memory
  • Completely free for commercial and personal usage
  • Tool supports Docker for easy deployment
  • Install FlowiseAI with npm

Use Cases

1. Create a Q&A Retrieval System: Use FlowiseAI to easily build a Q&A retrieval system for customer service applications.

2. Build a Language Translation System: Leverage FlowiseAI to quickly create a language translation system for multilingual websites and applications.

3. Develop a Conversational Agent with Memory: Use FlowiseAI to develop a highly advanced conversational agent with memory capabilities.

4. Automate Business Processes: Use FlowiseAI to automate a range of business processes, from customer onboarding to order fulfillment.

5. Create a Natural Language Understanding System: Leverage FlowiseAI to quickly create a natural language understanding system for applications that require natural language processing.

6. Build a Customized LLM App: Use FlowiseAI to effortlessly build a customized LLM app with a wide range of components, from Q&A retrieval to conversational agents with memory.

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