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Glean: Revolutionize Your Workplace Search and Knowledge DiscoverySearching for information within your organization can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. That's where Glean comes in. As an AI-powered workplace search and knowledge discovery tool, Glean is designed to make your life easier by allowing you to effortlessly search and manage knowledge across multiple apps.Utilizing the power of deep learning, Glean has the ability to understand natural language queries, ensuring that you find exactly what you're looking for. But it doesn't stop there. Glean continuously improves its search relevance, ensuring that you receive the most accurate and relevant results every time.What sets Glean apart is its unique knowledge graph. This advanced technology comprehends people, content, and interactions, providing you with personalized search results and suggestions. Say goodbye to sifting through irrelevant information and hello to a more efficient and tailored search experience.With over 100+ connectors, Glean seamlessly integrates with your existing apps, making setup quick and hassle-free. Whether you're a small team or a large enterprise, Glean is built to scale and meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Rest assured that your data is secure, as Glean aligns with the strictest data security policies.Imagine the time you'll save by using Glean. On average, users report saving 2-3 hours per week, allowing them to focus on what truly matters - their work. Boost your team's productivity and streamline your knowledge management with Glean.Experience the power of Glean and revolutionize the way you search and discover knowledge in your workplace.


  • AI-powered workplace search and knowledge discovery tool
  • Understands natural language queries
  • Continuously improves search relevance
  • Unique knowledge graph comprehends people, content, and interactions
  • Over 100+ connectors
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing apps
  • Built to scale and meet the needs of organizations of all sizes
  • Aligns with strictest data security policies
  • Average users report saving 2-3 hours per week
  • Boosts team’s productivity and streamlines knowledge management

Use Cases

Use Case 1: A small team needs to quickly find and share important documents. With Glean, they can easily search and access the information they need, saving them time and effort.

Use Case 2: A large enterprise needs to securely manage and store sensitive data. Glean’s advanced security features ensure that their data is safe and secure.

Use Case 3: An organization needs to quickly search for and discover knowledge across multiple apps. Glean’s 100+ connectors make setup quick and easy, while its natural language understanding ensures the most accurate results.

Use Case 4: A team needs to improve their productivity and save time. With Glean, they can save 2-3 hours per week, allowing them to focus on their work.

Use Case 5: A company needs to find and share information quickly and easily. Glean’s personalized search results and suggestions make it easy to find the information they need.

Use Case 6: An organization needs to

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