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Karaok-ai: Revolutionizing Karaoke with Advanced TechnologyKaraok-ai is the ultimate open-source karaoke player/editor that is set to transform your karaoke experience. With its cutting-edge speech-to-text technology, this innovative tool automatically creates clips from any song file by extracting vocals and lyrics. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually creating karaoke tracks - Karaok-ai does it all for you!Available for download on Windows, Mac, and Linux, Karaok-ai offers seamless compatibility across multiple operating systems. You can also conveniently download it from Github, ensuring easy access for all users.What sets Karaok-ai apart is its powerful set of features. The tool includes a lyrics and timestamps editor, allowing you to fine-tune your karaoke tracks with precision. Whether you want to adjust the timing or make edits to the lyrics, Karaok-ai empowers you to create the perfect karaoke experience.Additionally, Karaok-ai boasts a state-of-the-art screener with synchronized lyrics. Immerse yourself in the music as the lyrics seamlessly align with the vocals, enhancing your karaoke performance to new heights. This feature utilizes the advanced WhisperHallu and WhisperTimeSync technologies to ensure flawless extraction of vocals and lyrics.But that's not all - Karaok-ai also offers a minimalist and versatile DJ party player called Kaidj. With support for multi-sound card, Kaidj allows you to take control of your karaoke party like never before. Elevate the atmosphere and keep the music flowing with this incredible addition to Karaok-ai.Managing your karaoke collection has never been easier. Karaok-ai has the remarkable ability to index thousands of songs in a single efficient database. Say goodbye to cluttered folders and endless searching - with Karaok-ai, you can effortlessly organize and access your favorite tracks with its intuitive playlist management features.In conclusion, Karaok-ai is the ultimate karaoke companion that combines advanced


  • Cutting-edge speech-to-text technology
  • Automatic creation of karaoke clips
  • Compatibility across multiple operating systems
  • Convenient download from Github
  • Lyrics and timestamps editor
  • Synchronized lyrics with vocals
  • WhisperHallu and WhisperTimeSync technologies
  • Minimalist and versatile DJ party player called Kaidj
  • Support for multi-sound card
  • Efficient database for indexing songs
  • Intuitive playlist management features

Use Cases

  • Karaok-ai can be used to create karaoke tracks from any song file with its cutting-edge speech-to-text technology.
  • Karaok-ai can be used to fine-tune karaoke tracks with its lyrics and timestamps editor.
  • Karaok-ai can be used to enjoy a synchronized lyrics screener with its WhisperHallu and WhisperTimeSync technologies.
  • Karaok-ai can be used to take control of karaoke parties with its Kaidj DJ party player.
  • Karaok-ai can be used to organize and access favorite tracks with its intuitive playlist management features.

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