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Name of company is Kili.Kili is your go-to AI tool for saving time and money. With its advanced AI capabilities, Kili helps you understand content and effortlessly answer questions about your products and services.Gone are the days of spending hours drafting support responses. Kili's custom support feature does the heavy lifting for you by automatically generating answers to support queries. It even goes a step further by identifying any gaps in your documentation and suggesting improvements to enhance the overall user experience.Managing multiple sources has never been easier. Kili allows you to seamlessly connect and organize all your sources, ensuring that you have access to the right information when you need it. No more endless searching or digging through countless documents.Whether you're a small team or a large organization, Kili has got you covered. With its flexible pricing plans, you can choose the option that best suits your needs based on the number of sources and words required. Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses and hello to cost-effective solutions.But that's not all. Kili can also be seamlessly embedded within your product, providing your customers with instant access to accurate information. Additionally, if you're part of a team, Kili offers a team-based plan that allows for collaboration and streamlines your workflow.Experience the power of AI with Kili and unlock a world of efficiency, productivity, and superior customer support.


  • Advanced AI capabilities
  • Custom support feature
  • Seamless connection and organization of sources
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Seamless embedding within product
  • Team-based plan for collaboration

Use Cases

1. Use Case 1: Kili’s custom support feature automatically generates answers to customer queries, saving time and money.
2. Use Case 2: Kili seamlessly connects and organizes all sources, making it easy to find the right information.
3. Use Case 3: Kili’s flexible pricing plans allow for cost-effective solutions tailored to the user’s needs.
4. Use Case 4: Kili can be embedded within a product, providing customers with instant access to accurate information.
5. Use Case 5: Kili’s team-based plan allows for collaboration and streamlines workflow.
6. Use Case 6: Kili offers superior customer support, enabling a better user experience.

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