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Monster Mash is a cutting-edge 3D model animation tool that will revolutionize the way you create characters. With its innovative sketch-based feature, you can quickly bring your character sketches to life by inflating them into 3D models and animating them seamlessly.You can access Monster Mash through any modern web browser with WebAssembly and WebGL support, and it's compatible with mouse, touch, or stylus input. It offers three distinct creation modes, including draw, inflate, and animate, which allow you to customize your characters to your heart's content.The tool also offers a range of features to enhance your workflow, such as the ability to create, open, save, and export projects with ease. You can import template and background images to give your characters a unique look, and export textured models in various formats to suit your needs.You can also customize your experience with hotkeys and settings such as armpit stitching and normal smoothing, making it easier than ever to create stunning 3D models. With Monster Mash, you'll have everything you need to bring your characters to life in a way that's both intuitive and efficient.


  • Cutting-edge 3D model animation tool
  • Innovative sketch-based feature
  • Access through any modern web browser with WebAssembly and WebGL support
  • Compatible with mouse, touch, or stylus input
  • Three distinct creation modes: draw, inflate, and animate
  • Ability to create, open, save, and export projects
  • Import template and background images
  • Export textured models in various formats
  • Customizable hotkeys and settings

Use Cases

  • Create 3D models for video game characters
  • Bring sketches to life for animated films or TV shows
  • Design characters for virtual reality experiences
  • Create custom avatars for social media or online gaming
  • Develop 3D models for product design and prototyping
  • Animate characters for educational or training videos

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