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Playlist Genius AI is your ultimate companion in creating personalized playlists. With our powerful AI tool, you can effortlessly curate the perfect playlist that matches your unique taste and mood. Simply describe the type of playlist you desire, and let Playlist Genius AI work its magic.Powered by the Spotify web API, our tool leverages the vast music library to provide you with tailored song recommendations. Whether you're in the mood for upbeat tracks to get your day started or soothing melodies to unwind after a long day, Playlist Genius AI has got you covered.We are constantly evolving to enhance your playlist creation experience. Our latest song recommendations are sourced from ChatGPT 3.5, ensuring that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date suggestions. And with the upcoming availability of earlier data in early 2022, your playlist options will be even more diverse and comprehensive.Discover the joy of effortless playlist curation with Playlist Genius AI. Let us be your trusted companion in creating the perfect soundtrack for every moment.


  • Personalized playlists
  • Powerful AI tool
  • Curate the perfect playlist
  • Matches unique taste and mood
  • Spotify web API
  • Tailored song recommendations
  • Upbeat tracks
  • Soothing melodies
  • Constantly evolving
  • Latest song recommendations from ChatGPT 3.5
  • Accurate and up-to-date suggestions
  • Upcoming availability of earlier data in early 2022
  • Diverse and comprehensive playlist options
  • Effortless playlist curation
  • Trusted companion
  • Perfect soundtrack for every moment

Use Cases

  • Creating a personalized playlist for a party
  • Finding the perfect music to listen to while studying
  • Generating a relaxing playlist for a spa day
  • Searching for upbeat songs to exercise to
  • Discovering the latest music releases
  • Creating a unique soundtrack for a special occasion

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