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Qikpm is the cutting-edge solution for app developers seeking to streamline their development processes. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, Qikpm revolutionizes the way user stories are generated. By offering an impressive 50 free user stories every month, Qikpm fuels creativity and propels product vision forward. With the convenient history feature, users can effortlessly save and review their previous stories, eliminating any concerns about losing track. Qikpm's primary objective is to save valuable time and effort for dedicated product managers, allowing them to focus on what truly matters – creating exceptional apps.


  • Advanced artificial intelligence
  • 50 free user stories each month
  • History feature to save and review previous stories
  • Saves time and effort for product managers
  • Focuses on creating exceptional apps

Use Cases

1. Automatically generate user stories with AI-powered technology: Qikpm can generate up to 50 free user stories every month, making it easier and faster to create product visions and bring them to life.
2. Easily review and save user stories with the convenient history feature: With the history feature, users can review and save their previous stories with ease, eliminating any worries about losing track.
3. Streamline development processes: Qikpm is the perfect solution for app developers looking to streamline their development processes and save time and effort.
4. Create exceptional apps: Qikpm’s primary objective is to help product managers create exceptional apps.
5. Foster creativity: By offering an impressive 50 free user stories every month, Qikpm encourages creativity and helps bring product visions to life.
6. Automate user story generation: Qikpm’s AI-powered technology automates the user story generation process, allowing product managers to focus on the bigger picture.

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