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Name of company is AI Text Extractor.AI Text Extractor is an innovative tool that revolutionizes the way you extract text and subtitles from webpages and YouTube videos. With our advanced AI technology, you can effortlessly extract text without the hassle of messy content or tedious manual selection.Gone are the days of struggling with long blocks of text. Our tool intelligently splits them into manageable parts, making it easier for you to process and utilize the extracted information.What sets AI Text Extractor apart is its seamless compatibility with mobile devices. Whether you're on your smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy the same smooth and efficient experience as on a desktop computer.Speed and reliability are at the core of our tool. With lightning-fast processing capabilities, you'll have your extracted text in no time. You can trust in the accuracy and consistency of our results, ensuring that you get the information you need without any errors or omissions.We offer a free plan for those with limited extraction needs, allowing you to experience the power of our tool at no cost. For those who require unlimited text extraction, our premium plan offers unbeatable value at a low cost.Experience the convenience and efficiency of AI Text Extractor today and unlock a world of possibilities for your text extraction needs.


  • Advanced AI technology
  • Seamless compatibility with mobile devices
  • Lightning-fast processing capabilities
  • Accuracy and consistency of results
  • Free plan for limited extraction needs
  • Premium plan for unlimited text extraction

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Extracting Text from Websites
A user can easily extract text from websites with AI Text Extractor. The user can access the tool from their desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, and the text extraction process is fast and reliable.

Use Case 2: Extracting Text from YouTube Videos
AI Text Extractor can quickly and accurately extract text from YouTube videos. The user can access the tool from any device and the extracted text will be consistent and error-free.

Use Case 3: Extracting Text from Long Blocks of Text
AI Text Extractor can intelligently split long blocks of text into manageable parts, making it easier for the user to process and use the extracted information.

Use Case 4: Extracting Text from Different File Types
AI Text Extractor can extract text from a variety of file types, including PDFs, Word documents, and more. The user can trust in the accuracy and

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