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The TTS Voice Wizard is an advanced AI tool designed to effortlessly convert speech into text and vice versa. With its cutting-edge speech recognition and text-to-speech techniques, this tool offers a seamless and efficient user experience.Not only does the TTS Voice Wizard excel at speech conversion, but it also boasts a range of additional features. Users can effortlessly send OSC messages, play their favorite songs, and even display avatars within the popular VRChat platform. What's more, this tool allows users to control avatar parameters using simple voice commands, adding a new level of interactivity to the virtual world.In addition to its impressive functionality, the TTS Voice Wizard offers a vast selection of over 100 unique voices. Users can customize these voices to suit their preferences, ensuring that every interaction is tailored to their needs. Furthermore, this tool supports translation between an impressive 20 different languages, making it a truly global solution.The TTS Voice Wizard is freely available on GitHub under the MIT license, allowing users to access and utilize its powerful capabilities. The developers actively encourage community contributions, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas and improvements are welcomed.Experience the future of speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion with the TTS Voice Wizard. Unlock a world of possibilities and enhance your virtual interactions like never before.


  • Cutting-edge speech recognition and text-to-speech techniques
  • Send OSC messages, play songs, and display avatars within the VRChat platform
  • Control avatar parameters using simple voice commands
  • Vast selection of over 100 unique voices
  • Customize voices to suit preferences
  • Supports translation between 20 different languages
  • Freely available on GitHub under the MIT license
  • Encourages community contributions

Use Cases

1. Speech-to-Text Use Case: The TTS Voice Wizard can be used to convert speech into text, allowing users to quickly and accurately transcribe audio recordings. This is particularly useful for journalists, researchers, and anyone else who needs to capture spoken words in written form.

2. Text-to-Speech Use Case: The TTS Voice Wizard can also be used to convert text into speech, allowing users to create voice recordings from written scripts. This is useful for creating audio books, podcasts, and other audio-based content.

3. OSC Message Sending Use Case: The TTS Voice Wizard can be used to send OSC messages, allowing users to control their favorite virtual reality applications with ease. This is useful for creating interactive experiences within popular VR platforms such as VRChat.

4. Music Playback Use Case: The TTS Voice Wizard can be used to play music, allowing users to access their favorite songs and

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