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Txtgeni is the ultimate AI-powered tool for text messaging enthusiasts like you. This innovative platform revolutionizes the way you communicate by suggesting brilliant message ideas tailored to your input. With Txtgeni, you have the power to choose from a wide range of tones and styles, ensuring that your messages always hit the right note.But that's not all! Txtgeni takes convenience to the next level by automating scheduled messaging. Simply provide your personal input, and let Txtgeni determine the perfect time to send your messages. No more forgetting important dates or struggling to find the right words in the moment. Txtgeni has got your back!Beyond its messaging prowess, Txtgeni is also your go-to companion for planning and scheduling activities with friends. It effortlessly helps you organize your social calendar, ensuring that you never miss out on any memorable moments. Additionally, Txtgeni can even determine milestones for successful conversations, helping you navigate the complex world of communication with ease.Excitingly, Txtgeni is now offering beta access through their exclusive waitlist. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your texting experience. Join the waitlist today and unlock the full potential of Txtgeni. Your friends will be amazed at your newfound texting prowess!


  • Suggests brilliant message ideas tailored to your input
  • Choose from a wide range of tones and styles
  • Automates scheduled messaging
  • Helps you organize your social calendar
  • Determines milestones for successful conversations
  • Offering beta access through their exclusive waitlist

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Scheduling Messages
The user will input their desired message, along with the intended recipient, and Txtgeni will determine the best time to send the message.

Use Case 2: Suggesting Message Ideas
The user will input their desired topic, and Txtgeni will suggest message ideas tailored to their input.

Use Case 3: Automating Scheduled Messaging
The user will provide their personal input, and Txtgeni will automate the process of scheduling messages.

Use Case 4: Organizing Social Calendar
The user will input their social activities, and Txtgeni will help them organize their social calendar.

Use Case 5: Determining Milestones
The user will input their conversation topics, and Txtgeni will determine milestones for successful conversations.

Use Case 6: Joining the Waitlist
The user will join the exclusive Txtgeni waitlist,

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