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Wiz AI is an innovative WhatsApp chatbot that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to engage in natural language conversations with users. By leveraging advanced GPT technology, this chatbot effortlessly interprets both text and audio messages, allowing for seamless communication. Its extensive knowledge base enables it to provide accurate and informative responses to user queries, retrieve information, and even engage in casual chat. With Wiz AI, you can access this intelligent chatbot directly through WhatsApp, making it easily accessible and convenient. The pricing structure is transparent and flexible, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. Discover the future of chatbots with Wiz AI and experience the benefits of effortless and engaging conversations.


  • Harnesses the power of artificial intelligence
  • Engages in natural language conversations
  • Interprets both text and audio messages
  • Provides accurate and informative responses
  • Retrieves information
  • Engages in casual chat
  • Accessible through WhatsApp
  • Transparent and flexible pricing structure
  • Hassle-free experience for users
  • Effortless and engaging conversations

Use Cases

  • Providing personalized customer service to users via the chatbot.
  • Answering frequently asked questions and providing relevant information.
  • Suggesting products and services based on user preferences.
  • Engaging in casual conversations with users.
  • Providing real-time support to users.
  • Retrieving information from databases.

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