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The Grammys Set a Clear Boundary: Artists vs. AI-Generated Music

The Recording Academy, the organization responsible for the Grammy Awards, is facing new challenges in adapting its guidelines and award rules to accommodate the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the music industry. AI has made its mark in various sectors, including music, enabling the creation of entire songs through automated processes. This was demonstrated by a viral AI-generated song featuring The Weeknd and Drake a few months ago, which sounded remarkably authentic. However, the use of AI in music raises copyright concerns, particularly when artists’ voices are used without their explicit consent.

While some artists, such as The Beatles, have embraced AI-generated music by utilizing it to bring back the voice of late member John Lennon for a final track, others may not be comfortable with their voices being repurposed in new songs. The Grammy Awards, in its new 2024 rules, states that only human creators are eligible for consideration, nomination, and winning of a Grammy Award. This means that AI-generated music itself cannot be recognized. However, AI music and content can be submitted for consideration, and if selected, the award will go to the human contributors involved in the creation process.

For a work to be considered for a Grammy in the songwriting and performance categories, it must have significant human authorship and involvement. If a piece relies solely on AI without human input, it is not eligible for consideration. These guidelines reflect the current stance of the Recording Academy, but as AI continues to shape the music industry, it is likely that the guidelines will evolve to accommodate and potentially reward AI artists in the future.

In conclusion, the rise of AI in the music industry has prompted the Recording Academy to adapt its guidelines and award rules. While AI-generated music itself cannot be recognized for a Grammy, AI music and content can be submitted for consideration, with the award going to the human contributors involved. The guidelines prioritize significant human authorship and involvement in the creation process. As AI continues to impact the music industry, it is expected that the Recording Academy will further refine its guidelines to address the evolving landscape of AI-generated music.

Barry Caldwell
Barry Caldwell
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